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News Flashes about our Lake and our Community:

Fireworks & Noise Pollution FIREWORKS and NOISE POLLUTION: Did you know that there are fines for fireworks? See chart appended. Fireworks have extremely harmful effects on Lake Mazinaw's health. They cause a great amount of fear, stress and anxiety in wild animals, not to mention it is a fire hazard and produces chemical and mineral pollutants when set off. Birds and mammals will abandon their nests, leaving their defenceless babies behind. The panic of the ordeal can cause disorientation, decreasing the ability for wildlife to locate their homes. It's not just fireworks that harms Lake Mazinaw - motorized
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MPOA 2023 Spring Newsletter Our spring 2023 newsletter went out 12 April 2023. Two versions were emailed out: one to all 2022 members and a different version to people that had not joined last year. The hope is that once they see the amazing work being done on everyone's behalf by the volunteer board, they would be inclined to support us in 2023. Click on "Full Story" to access the newsletter.   MPOA 2023 Spring Newsletter
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