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The MPOA board are always focused on the water quality of our beautiful lake.  Here are just a few of the initiatives we are working on:

(1) Invasive species testing.  Each year we work with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), Invasive Species Community Outreach Liaison, by volunteering to sample our lake.  There is a very specific way to do this sampling set out by the MVCA and after completing the sampling, it is sent to the MVCA for testing.  In the past two years, our lake has been free of invasive species however some of our neighbouring lakes have not been so lucky.  It is therefore very important to be as vigilant as possible in protecting our resources.  The 2015 tests should be back from the MVCA by the end of June.

(2) Working with the OPP, Fire department, etc on a boat washing practice (open) to get rid of potential species that might have become lodged on the boat from other lakes.

(3) Education of our members on ways to preserve our shoreline.  At the 2015 AGM meeting, a presentation was provided on water quality.  A very important aspect is the vegetation between the land and the shoreline that help filter pollutants before they reach the water.  To this end, the MPOA have engaged with the MVCA on a shoreline planting  project for Mazinaw lake. 

The MVCA currently have a free shoreline naturalization program where a MVCA staff member will, at the request of the landowner, conduct a site visit surveying the property for potential shoreline naturalization opportunities.   During this process we will discuss the waterfront usage, high traffic zones and desired outcomes with the landowner.  Taking all this information into consideration MVCA staff will create a planting plan for the approval of the landowner.   Once the plan gets approved MVCA will order and plant the plants at no cost to the landowner.  If you are interested in participating in this for your shoreline, please send an email to communications@lakemazinaw.ca. If there is a lot more interest, the MVCA will consider something along the lines of a shoreline planting day on the lake.

Here’s a link to our shoreline planting information: http://mvc.on.ca/shoreline-planting/

(4)fish habitat enhancement program.  The MPOA have submitted an application to Watersheds Canada to be considered for their fish habitat enhancement program.  Right now, they are accepting applications for 2018 and we believe we have secured the last spot for that year!

(5) education about septic systems and how they affect our lake if they are not properly maintained