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Per our current (2024) bylaw, "the Mazinaw Property Owners Association (MPOA) is an unincorporated, not-for-profit association of volunteers formed to promote the preservation and protection of natural and scenic beauty, fish, wildlife and water quality of the area. The MPOA strives to advance the common interests of its members dealing with different levels of governments, organizations and agencies relative to the Mazinaw Lake community.

The MPOA is carried on without purpose of financial gain for its members: any profits or gains to the organization shall be used in promoting its mandate"

Current MPOA Board Activities and/or Member Services: 

Pursuant to said Lake Health mandate, the MPOA Board currently (in 2024) carries out some, but not all, of the following core services for its members, which is subject to change depending on volunteer and Board availability and different one-time urgencies: 


  • The health and quality of the lake, and our associated experiences on the lake are paramount to what we do. We represent all cottagers by being a 'collective voice' to ensure the health of Lake is protected. This entails the following Board work:
    • Secure and maintain the 'Mazinaw Blue Lakes Designation'. The Blue Lakes Program is a free, voluntary program for lakefront property owners interested in protecting the health and integrity of their lake. Under the program, participants take guided lake conservation actions tailored to the Lake's unique needs. Link here for more info: https://www.bluelakes.ca/
    • Combat Invasive Species that pose a significant threat to the health of the Lake and the associated potential 20% decrease in property values. This represents the bulk of our work and our main focus currently due to the presence of Eurasian Milfoil, a fast spreading water based invasive species. Read more here: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/description-management.php
    • Provide a free 'Milkweed Way' program in support of Monarch Butterfly habitat, which is critical to the Lake's health and the broader ecosystem. Link here: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/free-milkweed-seed-program.php
    • Facilitate and coordinate the free 'Tree Days' program in partnership with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, where bare root trees and shrubs are provided free of change to participating members. *Subject to annual availability. More info here: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/lake-tree-day.php
    • Seek and apply for Federal, Provincial and local grants; and are in the process of launching various fundraising initiatives required to cover a variety of Lake Health costs
    • Promote two high quality free Shoreline Restoration Programs brought to members by Watershed Canada and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. Find out more here: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/free-shoreline-planting-programs.php
    • Ensure Firework and Light Pollution reduction information is promoted to members, via mixed means (website, Facebook, newsletter, etc)
    • Maintain relationships with elected officials and speak before Council on Lake Health issues
    • Partake in water sampling programs hosted by the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association. With FOCA's results posted to our website, emailed to members, etc.  https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/isample-invasive-species-foca-reports.php
    • Publish all  "State of the Lake" Health Reports by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, to our website and secure updated reports as they are released: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/state-of-the-lake-mvca-reports.php
    • Have produced the Love Your Lake Report, in conjunction with FOCA: https://www.lakemazinaw.ca/love-your-lake-foca-report.php
  • Produce the MPOA Lake Directory which is treasured by, and only available to, members. The directory lists cottage information and contains maps of the lake. Members have used the information in the directory to alert absent owners of issues on their property.
  • Maintain membership with the province-wide cottagers associations: FOCA the ‘Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations’ as well as the NFLAA North Frontenac Lake Association Alliance, and it is the role of the MPOA President to represent the Lake within these organizations.
  • We pay for and maintain a MPOA website and the Facebook Page, available to post Buy & Sell plus Lost & Found items (lake related) at no cost to you. More detail on what can be posted is available on each site.
  • We host an Annual General Meeting held in the summer where you can meet your board, learn about what they are doing on your behalf, and have your say.
  • We produce the Spring Newsletter which is packed with information that you will find yourself referring to throughout the season.