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Sunday July 28, 2002

To: Mazinaw Lake Cottagers

From: Pauline Smart

Re: Mazinaw Visitors

I thought this might be of interest to some of you.

A family renting a cottage on the upper Mazinaw had an unusual contact with a Mazinaw resident. The family was on a two week holiday and had been fishing, tubing and skiing up a storm. On July 24th 2002, they were tubing the kids when they witnessed a large, isolated wave just a short distance from them. With the kids in the boat and on the tube, they tried to investigate what this rogue wave was all about.

Witness to this conversation was my mother whom several years ago had a similar experience. Listening in, the two accounts had many similarities. The mom in the boat saw a large object surface and cruise just a short distance away. So close in fact, that she reported seeing ‘plate like’ scales. Huge in comparison to any thing she had ever seen on the lake. My mom asked if it appeared similar to an overturned canoe, and without hesitation the reply was BIGGER - way bigger. As the conversation continued you could see the effect the two sightings had on each of these mothers. They were both very positive about what they had seen. So much so that the mom of the visiting family would no longer swim in the lake, she was so shocked at what she had seen.

The kids however, who had also seen the creature, are still tubing (or is it Dad just fishing with BIGGER bait)! All joking aside, 5 minutes with these people and you know they are very serious about having seen the MAZINAW MONSTER first hand.

Keep your eyes open - Steve