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Free Milkweed Seed Program

The MPOA Lake Steward has launched a FREE milkweed seed program for our members with the goal to distribute 100,000 milkweed seeds to property owners for planting a "Monarch Milkweed Way" on the roads surrounding the Lake or anywhere sunny on your property. Milkweed is the only source of food and sustenance for monarch caterpillars; and is a rest stop and nectar for butterflies. It is the only plant monarchs will lay their eggs on. Monarchs have been declining by alarming rates since the 90's. but they're critical pollinators, just like bees, and play a major role in preserving Mazinaw Lake's ecosystem and biodiversity by virtue of their role in the eco-chain. Providing seeds to property owners is a 'SMART' goal for our lake, as defined by the Blue Lakes Program (explained in our Spring Newsletter) and meets our Board mandate to promote and protect the health of the Lake. Email if interested.