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Free Dark Skies at Night Program 

Our Lake Steward is calling on MPOA members to participate in the Dark Skies at Night Program.  Lights, especially near the shore, increase algal production and mosquito activity. Furthermore, areas where outdoor lights shine all night long, can have drastic effects on the health of Lake Mazinaw because artificial night lighting interferes with the natural cycle of day and night for all lake species. Light sends signals to all living things telling them when to eat, sleep, mate, and migrate. Any change to this regular pattern of light and dark as a result of light pollution can cause confusion, disorientation, and even death. Simply turning your lights off at night, is a 'SMART' goal for our lake, as defined by the Blue Lakes Program (explained in our SpringNewsletter) and meets our Board mandate to promote and protect the health of the Lake. Read more here: Night Lighting.