Eurasian Milfoil
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During the summer and fall of 2023 the MPOA Board embarked on an orthomosaic surveying and mapping exercise to understand and quantify all locations of Eurasian Milfoil on the Lake.

In summary, our findings conclude that as of the date of the survey (Q4 2023) there are approximately 15 hectares of Eurasian Milfoil interspersed throughout the Lake. This area represents 5% of the habitable area (shoreline of 20 feet or less). However, based on the experiences of other Lakes, we can expect 65% coverage in only 8 years.

For this reason, doing nothing is not an option! The MPOA Board is wasting no time executing on the Eurasian Milfoil Management plan detailed within the "Eurasian Milfoil" section of this website. 


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