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Community Science Monitoring and Nature-Connectedness

General info  

Community Science is a great way to build community and gravitate around a common purpose: the health of Lake Mazinaw. Participating in Community Science is rewarding and fosters a greater appreciation and knowledge, expertise and insights into the natural world. The MPOA Blue Lakes Committee welcomes any interested individuals to help collect various types of data on the Lake! Participating in Community science is a 'SMART' goal for our lake, as defined by the Blue Lakes Program (explained in our Spring Newsletter) and meets our Board mandate to promote and protect the health of the Lake. Read more here: Citizen Science Programming

There are 3 Lake Monitoring streams for Lake Mazinaw as follows:

1. Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) Monitoring (phosphorus, oxygen levels, temperature): 
a. The MVCA 2021 Integrated Monitoring Report is available for public review and may be accessed here. They will continue with their long term Lake Monitoring program this year, which includes: 
i. Phosphorus levels in all zones 
ii. Dissolved Oxygen levels; and 
iii. temp profiles which affect lake trout habitat 
b. Results will be shared when available. 
2. MPOA Monitoring - IsampleON Invasive Species Awareness and Monitoring Program: 
a.  In 2022, our Lake Steward enrolled Lake Mazinaw into the IsampleON Invasive Species Awareness and Monitoring Program for Lakes Education Ontario, brought to us by the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations and the Invasive Species Centre.There were two sampling methods used. The first report attached herein had the results from using the haul net method, and the other report attached herein used the eDNA method. The results were negative, however, it cannot be overemphasized that a negative result is NOT a guarantee that zebra mussels, spiny waterflea and other invading species do not exist in the lake. Proper precautions should always be taken in order to prevent the potential spread of invading aquatic species. 
b. For the 2023 year, our Lake Steward enrolled us in the same IsampleON Invasive Species Awareness and Monitoring Program again. Target species this year include European water chestnut (Trapa natans), and Water soldier (Stratiotes aloides). We will be testing the water in August and the result will likely be ready in late 2023. We will update the website accordingly when the results are available."
See Attachments for more information.
3. Community Science Monitoring (phosphorus): 
a. Our Blue Lakes Committee Member and former Lake Steward of 10 years, Vern Haggerty, has been monitoring the Phosphorus levels in the lake and raising concerns about his findings and its potential correlation with the Eurasian Milfoil, with various levels of government and the MVCA, throughout the last year. The MPOA is monitoring the matter closely. 

2022 Isample eDNA Results Lake Health Download
2022 IsampleON Haul Net Method Results Lake Health Download