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Algonquin Land Claims and Mazinaw Lake

March 2021 Update from Robert Reid, President MPOA

I had the opportunity to attend a live-streamed presentation to Addington Highlands Township council by representatives of the Algonquin Land Claim Committee on Dec 15, 2020. They showed maps identifying proposed settlement lands (see link below) and explained that the boundaries of the claim were based on the watershed which was historically used and occupied by the Algonquin people. Relevant to Mazinaw are parcels of lands (see below) abutting the north of Bon Echo Park but not touching Mazinaw Lake. Another parcel does run along the west shore of Mackavoy Lake and other parcels incorporate Feeny Lake, Machesney Lake, and Stoll and little Stoll Lakes. Road access for cottagers in those areas will be assured in any final agreement. Once transferred, the lands will be privately owned by the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) and subject to the same municipal land use planning and development approvals as other private lands. If any Algonquin landowners require building permits, they will pay standard rates and they will pay taxes on their properties. When a fire ban is in place, they will also be subject to the same rules. AOO will have a joint role in managing provincial parks. When I asked what role the AOO would have in managing Bon Echo Provincial Park I was told that this would not be defined until the park management plan was updated. As far as harvesting (fish, deer etc.) the new treaty must recognize court ordered rights for aboriginal people however the negotiator stated that they will try to standardize policies (hunting and fishing seasons and bag limits) for all in the best interest of conservation.


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