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Lennox & Addington County

We highly recommend that you download the 'what3words' app to your smartphone - it is invaluable in an emergency in remote locations. 

There are a multitude of hiking/biking trails in Lennox & Addington County. Scroll down for short descriptions of a subset.

For a full list - L&A Trails .

More specifically to biking - Bike Trails in L&A.

The Pines Loop

Difficulty: Easy

Directional Markers: Green

The Pines Loop will get you where you need to go. This trail incorporates old logging roads and provides access to all the trails in the forest. Mountain bikers will enjoy the high berms at each of the main corners.

Cut Through Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Directional Markers: Red

Cut Through Trail meanders east-west through the forest, connecting with the Up & Down Trail at Crisscross Junction. The trail takes you through the widely-spaced planted section of the managed forest and into the most densely treed area of the property.

Up & Down Trail

Difficulty: Easy

Directional Markers: Yellow

On the Up & Down Trail you weave through the forest, connecting with the Cut Through Trail at Crisscross Junction. The path takes you through mature pines, maples and birch groves for an enjoyable hike or ride.

Dipsy Doodle Trails

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult

Directional Markers: Dark Blue

As the name suggests, the Dipsy Doodle Trails take you up, down and around the western-most section of the forest. Explore Little Rock & Big Rock and make a jump or two. There are many sections of this trail, some wide and some not-so-wide. There is quite a drop off along Ridgeline so be careful!


Difficulty: Medium

Directional Markers: Light Grey (New - not yet signed)

Enter the land of Enchantment! This trail shares some of the Dipsy Doodle and Southern Dip paths. The middle takes you through bright green moss at Emerald City before you head down to Fraggle Rock… it doesn’t get much more enchanted than that!