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We are looking for volunteers for our fundraising efforts to help fight Eurasian Milfoil. 

We are also looking for volunteers to join the MPOA Board. We have several positions available, including President and Secretary!  Please consider joining us to help protect the health of your Mazinaw Property for future generations to come!  


Please join us:

Saturday, July 6, 2024,
10 am - 11:30 
Pineview Free Methodist Church, Cloyne



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Fishing on Mazinaw Lake

Fishing on Mazinaw Lake

Fishing on Mazinaw Lake is a pleasure for many people. Those who do so regularly are generally familiar with the Ontario Government fishing regulations.

For those who are not and/or those who are maybe considering a new hobby, we have put together this short summary to get you started. If you do decide to join the ranks of Mazinaw anglers, please be sure to read the details in the link at the end of this post.

Note: If you have family, friends or renters who use your cottage please ensure that they have access to this information. It is important for the sustainability of fishing on our lake, and we don’t want to see anyone levied with a fine.


Most of us between the ages of 18-65 require a Recreational Fishing Licence.  The link at the end lists the exceptions.

Each year Ontario offers Family Fishing with no license to promote the fun of the sport. The dates this year are: May 7 & 8, June 18 & 19, July 2-10.

There are 2 types of licences

  1. Sport Fishing Licence Tag: For anglers who want full catch and possession fishing privileges.
  2. Conservation Fishing Licence Tag: A reduced catch and possession limit licence tag that is ideal for anglers who want to live-release the majority of fish caught. Under this licence tag, anglers must immediately release muskellunge, Atlantic salmon and aurora trout.

Seasons & Limits

This is a summary of the Seasons and Limits for Mazinaw Lake (note we are in Ontario Fisheries Management Zone 18). The chart below lists the fish in our lake. For additional types and for exceptions see the link provided below.

S - refers to limits under a Sport Fishing Licence (e.g. S - 4 = catch and possession limit of 4)C - refers to limits under a Conservation Fishing Licence (e.g. C - 2 = catch and possession limit of 2).

Aggregate limits for trout and salmon (including splake): S-5 & C-2 total daily catch and possession limit for all trout and salmon species combined.

  • Brook trout: open all year, S-5 & C-2
  • Channel catfish: open all year, S-12 & C-6
  • Crappie: open all year, S-30 & C-10
  • Lake trout: fourth Sat. in May to Sep 8, S-2 & C-1
  • Lake whitefish: open all year, S-12 & C-6
  • Largemouth and smallmouth bass combined: third Sat. in Jun to Dec 15, S-6 & C-2
  • Northern pike: Jan 1 to Mar 31 & 2nd Sat. in May to Dec 31, S-6 & C-2
  • Sunfish: open all year, S-300; only 30 may be greater than 18 cm, & C-15
  • Walleye and sauger combined: Jan 1 to Mar 1, 2nd Sat. in May to Dec 31, S-4 & C-2; must be between 40-50 cm
  • Yellow perch: open all year, S-50 & C-25

Before heading out for that first fishing expedition, please review the additional information on this link: