Eurasian Milfoil
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Notes from Michael Shiner, Aquatics


Hi Vern,

We did not seek registration in fast-moving waters because of downstream uses from rivers and the data required to get that use site was not worth the investment. Furthermore, invasive weeds struggle to establish in fast-moving waters. 


There are numerous examples in the U.S. where we have treated moving water. Technically speaking, moving water is about dilution. The reason ProcellaCOR may not be efficacious, would be because of too fast dilution. To help paint how effective ProcellaCOR is even in high dilution scenarios (such as moving water or treating very small plots), ProcellaCOR has been show to control milfoil down to 0.1 acres for multiple seasons in thousands of acre lakes. For a technical person, ProcellaCOR gets into plants 24X faster than the older technologies. We use parts per billion, vs other technologies require parts per million in the same scenario. 1000x less active ingredient and ProcellaCOR out performs it in every scenario. An analogy I like to use, finding a part per billion of ProcellaCOR is like find a grain of sand in a sand box. 


Furthermore, if we believe that your lake has too high of turnover, we will not recommend ProcellaCOR. We are offering three seasons of guaranteed milfoil control. 


Let me know if you have additional questions. 


Michael Shaner | Director of Business Development and Marketing, Aquatics

SePro Technical Info Presentation - ProcellaCOR Eurasian Milfoil Download